Groundwater Survey

Su sondajı çalışması öncesinde doğru kuyu yeri ve sondaj derinliğini tesbit etmek için  RAP Yöntemini kullanarak 2000 mt derinliğe kadar hidrojeofizk çaışmaları  ekibimizle yürütüyoruz.


Geothermal Field Surveys

book of ra slotsBefore high-cost geothermal drilling, we determine the location and depth of the economic drilling by using the RAP method to a depth of 2000 meters by monitoring the fracture systems in the rocks.


Soil Investigation

We contribute to geotechnical research by viewing the topography of alluvium and bedrock thanks to the RAP method


Archaeological Site Studies In

We analyze the geometry of archaeological remains in archaeogeophysical research with the RAP method.

Mining works

carry out mining exploration, planning and managing mining feasibility studies using the Mining Studies RAP method.

Our presentations

Resonance Acoustic Profile Method (RAP) and Its Use in Solving Various Problems

In recent years, geophysical methods have been used extensively in geological works. There are many reasons for this. Urban concentration often leads to the use of areas with poor geological structure as construction sites. Lack of funding from geological, construction and project institutions leads to a reduction in the size of the drilling work, in this case the lack of information is eliminated thanks to geophysical measurement data. In addition, mobile geophysical methods have been found and are being used actively in recent years, which can perform investigations in the worst urban conditions. One of these methods is the Resonance Acoustic Profile (RAP) Method.

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